Fedor Leonov

Fedor Leonov


Fedor Leonov
January 03, 1990 (Russia)

In 2011 he finished with success International Slavic Institute of D.R.Derzhavin, acting faculty. Since 2013 Fedor is a member of Igor Yazko laboratory in “School of Dramatic Art” theatre.

At the theater stage he has debuted in staging of “Hamlet” and “Ariadna”. Overall, young actor has over 20 roles under his belt. Leonov’s cinematic career started right after receiving his diploma, in 2011 Ramil Sabitov’s youth tape “Physics or Chemestry”. In that melodrama he got a role of Roman Kharitonov. The picture was a great success. After, Fedor has got roles in a high ratings projects such as “Passions for Chapay”, “The Convoy”, “Studio 17”, “72 Hours”, and “Mamochki”. Last big and bright project that actor took part in was “Avanpost”. Being filmed in movies Fedor is still playing on stage of “School of Dramatic Art” theatre.

Interesting fact: Fedor is a skilled Greko-Roman wrestling.

Filming Career
– 2019 Avanpost – radio operator
– 2019 Fedor Gump (short film)
– 2019 Desperate – episodic role
– 2018 Ambulance – Shipolov
– 2016-2017 Murka (TV Series) – Lobyzin, Chekist
– 2016 Fighting Stall (Mini Series) – Vlad
– 2015 72 Hours – Timothy Samsonov
– 2015 – 2017 Mamochki (TV series) – Consultant
– 2014 In captivity of Cheating – Gera, Olga’s fellow student
– 2013 Studio 17 (Tv Series, TNT Channel) – Peter Semak (Main Role)
– 2012 Passions for Chapay – Antip Kulygin, Res Army Soldier
– 2012 The Convoy – Sergey
– 2011 Physics or Chemistry (Tv Series, STS Channel) – Roman Khoritonov (Main Role)
– 2011 Dirty Work (TV series) – Pasha

Works in the Theater
– «Three on the Seesaw», director – Oleg Malahov
– «Hamlet», Igor Yatsko Laboratory open show
– «Ariadne», Igor Yatsko Laboratory open show
– «The Master and Margarita», Igor Yatsko Laboratory open show
– «Risk», an open show within the festival «Three stages. Open lessons week» 2014, director – Vladimir Petrov
– «As you like it», an open show within the festival «Three stages. Open lessons week» 2014, director – Georgy Fetisov
– «Crow. Gozzi», open show, director – Roman Dolgushin
– «Song of swans», staged by Alexander Laptiy, director -Alexander Ogarev
– «The rose and the cross», director – Alexander Ponomarev
– «Padmini», author of the project – Svetlana Anistratova
– «The Importance of Being Earnest», director – Igor Yatsko
– «Luna Park of Lunacharskogo», director – Alexander Ogarev
– «The Fisherman and his Soul», director – Igor Yatsko
– «The cherry orchard», director – Igor Yatsko
– «Bulgakov. Don Quixote» an open show within the festival «Three stages. Stream of experience» 2016, director – Igor Yatsko
– «Mama», director – Elena Nevezhina
– «Players», director – Igor Yatsko
– «Ded souls», director – Igor Yatsko
– «Of Mice and Men», director – Ivan Orlov
– «Ghana was Silent on Saturdays», director – Alexander Ogarev
– «Summer Residents», director – Alexander Ogarev