Yulia Usachova

Yulia Usachova


Yulia Usachova
August 15 (Ukraine)

Yulia a highly skilled professional violinist from a reputed violin class by professor Anatoly Karavatsky in Ukraine. Yulia have big experience of performances in different countries. Participant of numeral festivals and competitions, performances and shows, band, orchestras and solo. She has extensive repertoire. Playing varied kind of music style, curated her own projects, shows, released albums and her violin sound woven into musical compositions by modern and classical composers and djs.


  • Started to play violin at the age of 7.
  • At the age of 12 happened real miracle on the stage when she first time won Ukrainian violin competition.
  • She decided to devote her life to mastering professionally in college and then Conservatory in a class of famous ukrainian professor Anstoliy Karavatsky.
  • While studying mastered as soloist, principal violinist in chamber/symphony/philharmonic/ opera orchestra, in Conservatory and started work with “Ars Nova” chamber orchestra), «Donbass Soloists» symphony orchestra , also grewt experience in the Modern band «Quarta +», released CD, participate on international festivals in 2008-2010. Yulia created the quartet MuzON, performed on different events in Ukraine.
  • Winner of International competitions in Italy 2012.
  • After education in 2013 she became interested in teaching how to play the violin, the art of performing musical genres and styles, mastering the skills as a classical violinist, and was very successful among her peers with extraordinary thinking and a holder of a special teaching gift.
  • Yulia has mastered new styles of music and such varying styles of violin playing such as jazz, improvisation, rock, pop, EDM, music of modern composers innovators.
  • Yulia has aligned with several global brands as Godiva, Mercedes, Audi and Hyundai, Vogue. 
  • She has participated in cultural performances of the Ukrainian Embassy in India and at international diplomatic events. Perform with Ukrainian celebrities: Ivan Dorn, Sky, Jamala, Ani Lorak, Taisia Povaliy. 
  • Yulia had collaborated with DJ Shadow and DJ Aqeel, among others and been the face of Royal Stag commercial 2021. 
  • The best luxury hotels cooperates with Yulia over the world such like Sheraton, Hilton, Atlantis, Le Meridian, Oberoy, Rixos, Hayatt, Marriot, Radison, Taj and many more.