Ilya Jivoy

Ilya Jivoy


  • the “Hope of Russia” award
  • Laureate of the highest theatrical prize of St. Petersburg “Golden Soffit”
  • the prize of the “Union of Theater Figures of Russia”
  • Nominated for the highest theatrical prize of Russia “Golden Mask»

Ilya Jivoy
January 17 (Russia)
Choreographer, dancer, director

Ilya educated at the Vaganova Ballet Academy (class of Gennady Selyutsky), graduated in 2008 and joined the Mariinsky Ballet.

Since 2013 Ilya Jivoy has worked as a choreographer. His debut production, the one-act ballet «E2» to music by A. Dvořák, was presented as part of the Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers at the Mariinsky Theater in 2013 which launched his illustrious career as choreographer.

In 2015, he graduated from the Master’s Course in ‘Choreographer’s Art’ at the Vaganova Ballet Academy (class of Nikolay Boyarchikov).

Ilya Jivoy authored more than twenty different projects in Russia and around the world. He successfully cooperates with international venues, festivals and television projects on a regular basis, creating performances which are highly respected for their crossover of neoclassical and contemporary dance. His works already occupy a major place in the repertoire of the Mariinsky Theater and are shown all over the world include Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Spain and many others.

The performances of Ilya Jivoy are truly emotional and dynamic, saturated with movement and genuine energy of pure dance. They never leave audience indifferent, forcing them to plunge into the action, experience and feel every emotion together with the artists on stage.

He was a choreographer of the ceremonial part of the St Petersburg graduates celebration Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails, 2018). His works were performed at the Origen Festival Cultural in Switzerland, the festival MPHIL 360° in Munich, Grаnаdа Internаtionаl Festivаl of music аnd dаnce, Festivаl Cаstell de Peralada in Spain, Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Croatia, at the Russian Ballet Icons Gala on the stage of the London Coliseum, at Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition, TV’s project Grand Ballet.

As a dancer repertoire includes:

  • La Sylphide (Youths); choreography by August Bournonville, revised version by Elsa-Marianne von Rosen,
  • La Bayadère (Magdaveya, Hindu Dance); choreography by Marius Petipa, revised version by Vladimir Ponomarev and Vakhtang Chabukiani,
  • Swan Lake (Jester, Neapolitan Dance); choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, revised version by Konstantin Sergeyev,
  • Les Noces (soloists); choreography by Bronislava Nijinska,
  • The Fountain of Bakhchisarai (Nurali, Youths, Tatar Dance); choreography by Rostislav Zakharov,
  • The Nutcracker (Moor, Chinese Dance); choreography by Vasily Vainonen,
  • Spartacus (Mimes, Etruscans); choreography by Leonid Yakobson,
  • Walpurgis Night (Pan, Satyrs), Romeo and Juliet (Mercutio, Capulets’ servants); choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky,
  • The Legend of Love (Jester); choreography by Yuri Grigorovich,
  • Jewels (Rubies); choreography by George Balanchine,
  • Sylvia (Pluto); choreography by Frederick Ashton,
  • Alexei Ratmansky’s ballets Cinderella (Spring, Summer) and The Little Humpbacked Horse (the Little Humpbacked Horse),
  • Diana Vishneva: Beauty in Motion (Three Point Turn; choreography by Dwight Rhoden),
  • Simple Things; choreography by Emil Faski;
  • Diana Vishneva: Dialogues (Subject to Change; choreography by Paul Lightfoot and Sol León);
  • Symphony in Three Movements; choreography by Radu Poklitaru
    and The Bronze Horseman (Dutch Sailors); choreography by Rostislav Zakharov, Yuri Smekalov.

As a choreographer:

  • E2 to music by Antonin Dvorak (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2013)
  • N.M.H.A to music by Sigur Ros (Bolshoi theatre, Russia, 2013)
  • Adulte to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2014)
  • Connections to music by Johann Sebastian Bach (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2015)
  • SeasonS to music by Max Richter (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2016)
  • The Dreamers to music of Duft Punk (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2017)
  • An Awesome wave to music by Alt-j (VKIBC, New-York, USA, 2017)
  • The Four Seasons to music by Max Richter (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2017)
  • A Flashback to music by Arvo Pärt (London Coliseum, UK, 2018)
  • Pulcinella to music by Igor Stravinsky (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2018)
  • I’m not scared to music by Ezio Bosso (Origen Festival Cultural, Juliertheatre, Switzerland, 2018)
  • Jeu de cartes to music by Igor Stravinsky (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2019)
  • House of memories to music by Max Richter (Origen Festival Cultural, Juliertheatre, Switzerland, 2019)
  • The Journey to music by Max Richter (M. Dzhalil Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre Kazan, Russia, 2019)
  • Sous la Coupole to music by Gustav Mahler (Munich Philharmonic, Germany, 2020)
  • Touch the light to music by Philip Glass (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2020)
  • Two Rooms to music by Max Richter (“Grand ballet” TV show, Russia, 2020)
  • Adulte to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (TanzTeatr Ekaterinburg, Russia, 2020)
  • The Snow Maiden (opera) to music by Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2020)
  • Christmas Eve (opera) to music by Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov (Mariinsky theatre, Russia, 2020)
  • The Prince to music by Travis Lake (Benois de la Danse, Bolshoi theatre, Russia, 2021)
  • Re-Birth to music by Max Richter (Factoria Cultural de Terrassa, Spain, 2021)
  • On My Way to music by A Winged Victory for the Sullen (Factoria Cultural de Terrassa, Spain, 2021)
  • Fatum to music by Max Richter (Origen Festival Cultural, Riom Castle, Switzerland, 2021)
  • BA//CH to music by Johann Sebastian Bach recomposed by Peter Gregson (Origen Festival Cultural, Juliertheatre, Switzerland, 2022)
  • UNIO to music by Peteris Vasks (Kammerballetten Festival, Operaen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022)
  • Carmina Burana to music by Carl Orff (Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre, Georgia, 2022)
  • Symphony of Life to music by Anna Seagal (Cleveland ballet, USA, 2023)
  • The Four Seasons to music by Max Richter (Factoria Cultural de Terrassa, Spain, 2023)
  • No  Words to music by Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm (Origen Festival Cultural, Juliertheatre, Switzerland, 2023)

In 2018, Ilya Zhivoi founded the creative association Jivoy Dance Company.