Thiago Arancam

Thiago Arancam


Thiago Arancam
February 6, 1982 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Italian-Brazilian lirico spinto tenor

Owner of a powerful voice, the Brazilian Thiago Arancam is considered one of the greatest tenors of the present time.

Thiago Arancam started his studies in São Paulo at the “Municipal School of Music” and continued at the Musical University “Carlos Gomes”, where he graduated in “Erudite Chant”
in 2003. He won the prestigious “Prêmio Revelação” (Revelation Prize) of the 5th Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition in 2004.

Soon after, he was invited to attend the “Accademia delle Arti e dei Mestieri”, associated with
the “La Scala” in Milan, Italy. He is the first Brazilian to be taken into the Academy, directed by great soprano Leyla Gencer. He debuted in a lyric concert at “La Scala” on 27 February 2005
and graduated in lyric singing in 2007.

He was chosen to participate to the famous lyric competition “Operalia 2008”, where the jury awarded him three prizes: First Zarzuela Prize “Don Plácido Domingo”, First Audience Prize
and Second Opera Prize.

Thiago Arancam has performed in the main theaters around the world, in more than 40 countries. La Scala (Milan), Opera of Rome (Italy), National Opera of Washington (USA),
State Opera of Vienna (Austria), Deutsche Opera of Berlin (Germany), Bolshoi (Moscow),
in addition to numerous productions in Japan, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Canada, Spain, France, Polland, Latvia, Monaco and The UK. There have been more than 500 performances around the world.

In Europe, he met Placido Domingo, with whom he recorded “Cyrano de Bergerac”, at the San Francisco Opera (USA), “Madame Butterfly” in Washington and “Carmen” at the Los Angeles Opera. He worked with great orchestra conductors such as: Daniel Harding, in various concerts, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Christian Thielemann in “Dresden” in Manon Lescaut, Pier Giorgio Morandi in the opera “Tosca” in Las Palmas and Stockholm, Brazilian Silvio Barbato with the Camerata Brasil Orchestra in Brasilia, João Ca rlos Martins, Plácido Domingo, Julius Rudel, Lorin Maazel, Nicola Luisotti, Patrik Fournellier, Renato Palumbo, Corrado Rovaris, among others.

The show Bela Primavera, released in Brazil, in September 2017, along with the album – recorded in Prague, Milan, São Paulo and Curitiba – brings the influences of the lyrical world and brings the tenor closer to Brazilian Popular Music. The tour has passed through Salvador and Curitiba and to other 12 cities.

In parallel to the work of “Bela Primavera”, Arancam performed in different countries in 2017, among them, Russia, Lithuania, the United States and Australia, with the operas Madame Butterfly, Manon Lescaut, Turandot, Tosca and Carmen. And also released the music clip Delirio, recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

There were also overseas performances in 2018: The opera Il Trovatore (Debut) in Vilnius, Lithuania and Carmen, at the Opera of Quebec, Canada.